VW Amarok After-Sales Overview

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If you would like to obtain a service overview of the latest VW Amarok, please view the Youtube video below:


VW Amarok Overview

VW Amarok captured from the front

It is an exciting time for anyone in the market for an off-road vehicle. There has been an urge for us to reimagine the traditional workhorse, and that tour is led by the Volkswagen Amarok. The words tough and rugged are usually sprinkled in conversations that involve bakkies, but now we can add a few more. The VW Amarok is a premium addition to the workhorse segment. Every element, from the exterior aesthetics to the lush cabin is a nod to luxury. The current range of VW Amarok is available in 5 different variants:

  • New Volkswagen Amarok 2.0 BiTDI Double Cab Highline 4Motion
  • New Volkswagen Amarok 2.0 BiTDI Double Cab Highline Auto
  • New Volkswagen Amarok 2.0 BiTDI Double Cab Highline 4Motion Auto
  • New Volkswagen Amarok 3.0TDi Highline 190KW 4Motion A/T D/C P/U
  • New Volkswagen Amarok 3.0TDi Extreme 190KW 4Motion A/T D/C P/U

VW Amarok captured off-road

The exterior design of the Volkswagen Amarok is compelling and features a wider load bin when compared to its peers. There is also a third brake light which aids the motorist’s visibility. The interior of the vehicle is equally impressive. The cabin boasts leather finishes and a great array of innovations. A standout here is a functionality called ParkPilot, which ensures that the vehicle is parked correctly. The inclusion of Electronic Voice Amplification is an interesting feature. It allows the driver's voice to echo to the back of the car.

VW Amarok captured off-road

Keen VW Amarok followers know all about the performance of this vehicle, and the latest range is no disappointment. The Amarok is equipped with up to 200kW of power and 580Nm of torque. Its performance is enhanced even more with the inclusion of an over-boost functionality. This heightens the model's performance even more.

Motorists can expect that this range is also competitively priced. The entry model will retail for R794 200, whilst the Volkswagen Amarok 3.0TDi Extreme 190kW 4Motion A/T D/C P/U will cost consumers R1 118 200.

Let’s explore the accessories of the vehicle.

VW Amarok Accessories

View of VW Engine

The VW Amarok comes equipped with a range of accessories. Let’s have a look at them.

VW Amarok Exterior Accessories

VW Amarok captured from the side

Accessory: Purpose:
Mudflaps This accessory protects the vehicle and passengers from debris that could come from the rotating tire.
Footboard (sidebar with step) Behaves as a step to assist passengers into the car.
Styling bar (roll bar) Assists in reducing the vehicle’s roll and “sway”.
Headlight protectors The main purpose is to protect the car's headlights from debris.

VW Amarok Interior Accessories

VW Amarok Interior View

Accessory: Purpose:
Textile floor mats Protects the floor of the vehicle from dirt, wear, and tear.
All-weather floor mats Are more durable than normal floor mats, especially with liquids and mud.
Baby seats A seat that has been specifically designed to protect children in the vehicle.
Inside rearview mirror Assists in giving the driver a view of what could be happening behind the car.

VW Amarok Original Parts

VW Amarok engine captured up close

Making use of original VW parts is of the utmost importance when servicing your VW Amarok. The benefits are plenty. Apart from ensuring the authenticity of your Amarok, regular maintenance with original VW parts helps with the resale value of your vehicle.

Vehicle technician captured working on a vehicle

Some examples of VW Amarok parts include

  • Shock absorbers
  • Headlights
  • Wheel bearings
  • Brake discs

Servicing your Amarok at an approved CFAO Motors VW Dealership is the best way to ensure that it performs at an optimal level. Please book a service appointment with us here. This is also a great opportunity to view our parts and service specials!

VW Amarok Service And Warranties

View of VW parts

When purchasing a new VW Amarok, you can be assured that your vehicle will come standard with a few guarantees.

  • 3-year/ 100 000 km manufacturer warranty
  • 5-year/ 90 000 km EasyDrive Vehicle Service Plan
  • 15 000 km service intervals
  • 6-year anti-corrosion warranty

View of VW engine

Amarok customers also have the benefit of VW’s EasyDrive Service Plans. This is a great measure put into place to eliminate any costly maintenance expenses. Let’s explore the specific plans that have been put into place for the VW Amarok model.

VW Amarok Maintenance Plans

View of vehicle technician

Parameters: Price:
Maintenance Plan (5-year/90 000km) R9 208
Maintenance Plan (5-year/120 000km) R30 033
Maintenance Plan (6-year/150 000km) R44 342
Maintenance Plan (6-year/ 180 000km) R59 641
Maintenance Plan (7-year/ 210 000km) R73 666
Maintenance Plan (8-year/ 240 000km) R94 633
Maintenance Plan (9-year/270 000km) R109 225
Maintenance Plan (10-year/300 000km) R124 666

VW Amarok Service Plans

View of VW technician

Parameters: Price:
Service Plan (5-year/120 000km) R10 801
Service Plan (6-year/150 000km) R16 004
Service Plan (6-year/180 000km) R22 166
Service Plan (7-year/210 000km) R27 534
Service Plan (8-year/240 000km) R40 015
Service Plan (9-year/270 000km) R45 217
Service Plan (10-year/300 000km) R53 224

VW Amarok FAQs

Is it recommended to service my VW Amarok every year?

Absolutely. It is normally recommended to stick as close to the service intervals as possible. This is every 15 000km or every 12 months, whichever takes place first).

Is the VW Amarok a reliable vehicle?

True to Volkswagen's form, the Amarok is an extremely reliable and durable vehicle.

Is there a chain or timing belt fitted to the VW Amarok?

Yes. This model does come equipped with a timing belt.

How often should the timing belt be replaced?

It is suggested that the belt be changed every 60 000km or when it begins making a noise, whichever occurs first.

Is the VW Amarok a better vehicle than the Nissan Navara?

Reviews have shown that the VW Amarok has the edge over the Navara as it is more economical.

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The Ultimate Service

VW LongLife III

The measures that Volkswagen has taken to ensure that you maintain your Amarok with ease is exceptional. Locate your nearest approved CFAO Motors VW Dealership and book a service appointment with us today.

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