Maximise Any Payload in the MAN TGS

This versatile MAN TGS range of industrial trucks has it all. Enhanced performance, comfort, unrivalled load capacity, quality, safety, environmental friendliness and digital connectivity.

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Built for Maximum Capacity and Optimal Distribution

This range features a large number of chassis options for the right suspension for any industrial application. Designed to accommodate payload-intensive applications, the tank and silo segment is weight-optimised and application-oriented to maximise capacity. For weight distribution, trucks with leading and trailing axles feature variable axle load ratios for optimum traction to the drive axle, regardless of load.
Tackle off-road applications with confidence thanks to hill-climbing, ABS off-road logic and wear-free continuous breaks and off-road gearbox software for higher gear shift speeds* for maximum traction, no matter the terrain. The range also features hydrostatic part-time, front-wheel drive for a payload advantage of 400-750kg.
*specific models

A Cab Designed Around The Driver

Ergonomic cab design with centrally arranged non-slip step units and back-friendly seats ensure comfort and productivity, no matter the terrain. At the end of a long day, the extended cab models in the range feature multi-zone cold-foam mattresses and slatted frames to ensure your drivers are well rested and your payloads are delivered safely.

An optimised instrument panel with displays arranged at a convenient reading height make it easy to access critical driver information without shifting focus from the road. Likewise innovative push/turn infotainment control delivers reliable operation no matter the terrain.

Protect your Payload

These trucks deliver premium safety and protection through reinforced cabs and active roll stabilisation. Turning and lane change assistants, comprehensive mirror and visibility systems as well as emergency braking systems and lane return assist all enhance safety.

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