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GET TO KNOW THE CLASSIC JEEP GLADIATOR Just like many South Africans, we here at CFAO love a good bakkie for sale. We also love a good off-road adventure and the all new JEEP Gladiator happens to be the perfect bakkie for that.

In South Africa, the JEEP Gladiator is only available in the Rubicon configuration but in America they have altered the Gladiator to a crazy and extreme (V8-powered!) 6×6 with the appropriate name Hellfire. This car looks brutal enough to drive through the apocalypse without a scratch.

The ‘normal’ Gladiator double cab pick-up takes on the appearance of the well-known JEEP Wrangler four-door SUV. The bakkie is just measuring 787mm longer with a sizeable load-box that can accommodate almost 700kg.

It’s a JEEP and that means the roof, doors, and windows can come off. You’ll be happy to know they are easily removable with the tools for the job being conveniently stashed in the large under-seat storage area at the back of the cabin.

Although there were speculations the Rubicon would follow the Wrangler in receiving a V8 model engine, there has been no confirmation from JEEP about this happening any time soon. Instead, the Rubicon is powered by a V6 Pentastar petrol engine with a low-range torque, which is needed when out on the trails or during demanding conditions, such as hauling cargo or towing a trailer.

The JEEP Gladiator Rubicon is full of nifty features that make it stand out from other bakkies. Instead of a more traditional cover to keep your things in the bakkie safe, JEEP has opted for a stylish cover that folds into sections with just a simple pull on a tab. Beneath the rear bench you’ll find a portable speaker to provide the perfect background music to go with your outdoor adventure and with just one press on the button you’ll start the car remotely to ensure your seat is pre-heated or the cabin is pre-cooled.

Ready for your own adventure with the all new JEEP Gladiator? Do you want to book a test drive or need more information on price and the latest models? Come and see us in our CFAO showroom or contact us today!

Exterior Design

Classic heritage cues are just the beginning. Completely engineered from the ground up, the Gladiator does more than just stand out-it defies convention. But when you can traverse rough terrain while driving the only open-air pickup truck, who needs convention anyway?

Interior Design

The interior of the Gladiator is distinguished by its spaciousness and attention to detail. And thanks to the modular roof, you can enjoy a true open-air experience.

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