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Get the Power to Succeed with the Fuso TV

This heavy-duty truck available in tractor-head and rigid tipper formats is built to perform when haulage is heavy and the road is rough.

Note: Local specifications may vary. Please ask our sales team for more information.

Built Tough to Drive Your Business Forward

The Fuso TV’s powerful 4-stroke, water-cooled direct injection, turbocharged 330L and 455L diesel engines deliver 260-295kW of power, 1,830-2,000Nm of torque, and unmatched fuel efficiency.

Durable gearboxes feature twin 400mm discs for increased clutch life while the increased distance between the main and counter shafts improves manoeuvrability when hauling heavy loads. Robust axles tackle the roughest roads with ease. Thick teeth on the heavy-duty crown wheel are built to last, while the differential increases torque and the high airbrake chamber increases ground clearance. The corrosion-resistant muscular chassis is designed for load-bearing and durability.

Get Superior Driver Comfort for a Safer More Productive Team

Ergonomic cabins comfortably accommodate a driver and up to 2 crew. Air conditioning, air-suspended seats, power windows, central locking, music system, cruise control, speed limiter, and versatile storage space all reduce driver fatigue and stress and ensure your team can focus on the task at hand.

Cabins are also all steel and crash safe to maximise safety, and are aerodynamic to reduce drag, further optimising fuel consumption. Dual chamber headlamps with transparent turn signal lamp lenses and LED daytime running lights enhance visibility and give this truck a fresh, modern face.

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