The benefits of servicing your vehicle at an accredited Williams Hunt dealership

Why are SA vehicle owners obligated to have their vehicles serviced by accredited franchised dealers to keep their warranties valid? This is the question a governing body representing 2500 independent workshops, automotive aftermarket distributors and parts manufacturers have been asking, and rightly so. South African consumers are under severe financial pressure and it makes sense to keep overheads low.

At Williams Hunt, we understand that accredited services are often a grudge purchase, but we also know that SA motorists benefit more from the process than they realise. Here’s why it is still a better idea to have your Isuzu and vehicles serviced at an accredited Williams Hunt dealership:

We are held accountable

The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of Isuzu and Opel vehicles hold us to very high standards. As such, you can always be sure that our workmanship is impeccable.

Williams Hunt technicians are upskilled continuously

Williams Hunt technicians are trained to use specialised tools and diagnostics to repair complex modern vehicles. By investing in their continued education, we ensure that every Isuzu and Opel owner gets the best service possible.

Up-to-the-minute equipment

Accredited franchised dealers like Williams Hunt pay licencing fees, and update diagnostic and calibration equipment regularly. We also have special tools on hand to service low-volume Opel and Isuzu vehicles.

Planned maintenance is budget-savvy

When you invest in a maintenance plan, you can rest assured that your service-related expenses are taken care of for a good long while. You'll also be saving on consumable expenses, since the price will be fixed as part of your service plan, even if it had become more expensive off the shelf in the meanwhile.

It's easier to resell

Once you’re ready to resell your Isuzu or Opel vehicle, you will find it much easier to do so if the stamps in your service booklet are all from accredited franchised dealers.

There you have it – a concise summary of the benefits of having your Isuzu and Opel vehicles serviced at an accredited Williams Hunt dealership. For more information on service costs and bookings at our branches throughout South Africa, feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives.