Kia K2500

Experience Refined Workmanship in the Kia K2500

As a fit-for-purpose truck, the Kia K2500 is capable of handling hard work with ease.


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Trust in K Performance

Discover a reliable and powerful workhorse in different applications that people can count on. Equipped with a 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve turbo engine, it delivers 96 kW of power and 255 Nm of torque.

Equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission that provides improved fuel efficiency, durability, smoother gear shifts, and NVH performance. These features result in an enhanced ride and overall driving comfort for its users.

Enjoy Ergonomic Design

Make loading and unloading easier with its 2,810mm long deck and 1,630mm wide bed. The railed truck bed has an easy-to-load height of only 733mm. The front open panel allows for easy checking and refilling of fluid levels, while the rear license plate holder and step provide a convenient way to extend your reach. It also features a loading capacity of 1,000 kg!

Not to mention, it also comes with a covered rear gate chain for longevity and a folding-type stopper that safely props up longer items that extend beyond the bed. For even more versatility, the tipper comes with a reinforced load bed that makes it easy to transport and offload construction materials like sand, soil and stones.

Continue in Comfort

This hard worker boasts a spacious and comfortable interior. The seats provide maximum comfort and support, with extra thick cushions to minimize driver fatigue. The full-cloth seats and 3-step headrests also add to the overall comfort.

The ergonomic controls, clear LED gauge cluster, and intuitive layout of the centre console ensure that the driver has a hassle-free experience. This truck also features a multifunctional centre console and glove box for convenient storage solutions.

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