Stay Safe with Isuzu’s new and improved truck ranges.

Did you know South Africa is the most dangerous countries in the world to drive in? It’s sad but true, the quality of the road safety standards in Mzansi is a sorry state of affairs…

Statistics tell us that a total of 1,685 people died on our country’s roads in the short period from 1 December 2021 to 11 January 2022. The figures outside of peak holiday seasons aren’t much better; in January and February of this year 1,823 people sadly lost their lives.

According to the Automobile Association (AA) of South Africa the crumbling local and provincial infrastructure with dangerous potholed streets, inoperative streetlights, blocked storm water drains, pollution-filled rivers and unkempt sidewalks are among the issues that require attention and should be prioritized by local and provincial authorities.

Of course, there is also the fact that the risk of a drunk driving related fatality is higher in South Africa than anywhere else in the world. Our country has the highest amount of alcohol related road traffic deaths, with 57.5%.

The AA believes that unless an urgent intervention is implemented which focuses on road safety education, more extensive traffic law enforcement and better prosecution of offenders, the numbers mentioned above, will unfortunately not reduce.

Isuzu Motors South Africa making roads safer

As you can see, a lot will have to change and those will probably not happen overnight. Fortunately Isuzu Motors South Africa are contributing towards your safety and safer roads by making their trucks safer than ever.

Engineering design, devices, driver tools and continuous, numerous upgrades over the life of a truck are playing a part in truck safety. At the same time, any damage to vehicles or human suffering as a result of a road crash has a massive impact on the environment.

It is the reason why every Isuzu truck is designed around the SEE philosophy which stands for Safety, Efficiency and Environment. It provides maximum driver comfort, safety and productivity. With this in mind Isuzu Motors South Africa presented the latest changes to the already successful N and F-series truck ranges.

Safety upgrades

  • Security upgrades we can now expect from N and F-Series are:
  • ECE R29 cab protection (selected models only) which employs an internationally recognised crash protection standard for both driver and crew.
  • Daylight Running Lights (DRL) to increase driver reaction times in all weather and lighting conditions. (The FTS does not have this feature.)
  • Airbags for both driver and passenger (this complements the two standard inertia-reel seatbelts).
  • Standard ABS with drum brakes. These have proved to be more suited to off-road conditions and so are perfect for emergency breaking on rugged SA terrains.
  • Clutch auto-adjust which will result in reduced maintenance for adjustments and demands less clutch operation skill from a driver over the course of a long day.
  • A cab-tilt warning buzzer on single cab models alerts you when the cab tilt lever is not locked. This improves overall vehicle and cab safety.
  • Telematics does not only provides fleet management information but also driver information in real-time and will contribute to driver safety in the event of an incident.

More efficiency

In addition to these safety features, the vehicles in the N and F-series truck ranges are also a lot more efficient.

For instance, the trucks have a coolant level sensor. On top of that, the NPR/NQR 4HK1 models also have a sensor positioned on the radiator upper tank which provides a warning light and an audio buzzer for a driver to take corrective action and avoid engine failure.

The ZF transmission on the Isuzu FVM has also gotten an upgrade and will move from a six-speed to a nine-speed unit. The extra gear ratios make the unit more drivable in variable and difficult terrain.

Furthermore, all FV models come with an upgraded engine with power improved from 176 to 221kW. Torque is also improved from 706 to 980Nm. On the FVR/FVZ models, the power is improved from 206 to 221kW, and torque is improved from 882 to 980Nm.

Finally, the F-Series gains a more powerful alternator and increased battery capacity thanks to an upgrade to a 90Amp alternator and 90Ah battery.

Safe Trucking

It’s good to know that Isuzu Motors South Africa will do what they can to reduce the carnage of the dire situation on our roads which allows you to choose safety no matter what.

If you would like to find out more about our ultra-safe N and F-series truck ranges, or book a test drive, please get in touch with nearest branch to speak to a knowledgeable Isuzu representative for safe trucking on SA’s dangerous roads.