Isuzu KB range receives a new name & overall reimagining

If you’re a South African bakkie enthusiast, you will know the Isuzu KB range by heart. After all, this unbeatable range of pick-ups has been a part of the SA landscape for over 40 years and 6+ generations already. Small wonder too, since Isuzu has proven itself to be a worthy contender in the bakkie sphere and has become synonymous with unflinching reliability and trust.

In exciting news, the KB range is about to embark on a brand-new adventure, which starts with a name change to Isuzu D-Max. The pickups we have all come to revere are branded under this name around the globe, and will now be known as such in sunny South Africa as well. Along with the change of name, the well-known Isuzu bakkie range will also be receiving fresh new features and exciting design adaptations.

What does Isuzu D-Max mean?

The origin of the D-Max sub-brand can be traced to Thailand in 2000, when the local Isuzu variant was released with headlights in the shape of 'Dragon Eyes'. From there, the global marketing team found that the 'D' could very well stand for durability, direct injection and diesel as well; while the 'max' portion of the moniker alludes to Isuzu's knack for designing vehicles that maximise on tech, performance, safety and comfort.

Apart from the name, have other upgrades been made?

Quite a few, it turns out! SA motorists can look forward to:

  • No less than 30 models to choose from, including new additions to the work-bakkie range that can be adapted to suit a variety of consumer needs.
  • An optional new six-speed manual gearbox when purchasing a 3.0L model.
  • An upgraded 3.0L LX flagship, which now boasts a striking new grille, enhanced interior finishes and instrument cluster, as well as user-friendly infotainment options.

If you need any more information with regard to the newly unveiled Isuzu D-MAX range, get in touch with the ITC dealership in Cape Town or Pretoria. Our seasoned consultants are on hand to discuss your requirements, provide expert advice and assist you in arranging test drives of that D-MAX model you have in your sights.