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Lexus Range Overview: CXS

Epitomising luxury, practicality, class-leading design, as well as exhilarating performance, Lexus model names are conceptualised in the same way Lexus vehicles are crafted: with the finest attention to detail. By transforming function into emotion, performance into passion, and technology into imagination, Lexus continues to stay true to its heritage while looking towards the future of automotive innovation, design and experiences.

Lexus has three different vehicle styles, with each Lexus model name created with a C (Coupé), S (Sedan) or X (Crossover) to illustrate which style the model is. This is because not only are Lexus cars made to a high standard but so are their names. Thus, proving that there is so much more to Lexus vehicle names than what meets the eye.

Striving to craft vehicles that go beyond the conventional, Lexus offers a range that suits all lifestyles:

(a) Hybrid(b) Electric(c) Plug-In Hybrid(d) Compact(e) Medium(f) Large(g) SUV(h) Sedan(i) Coupe(j) 4 Seats(k) 5 Seats(l) 7 Seats

For a deeper comprehension of the Lexus brand, see the three different vehicle styles and the models below…

Individual Lexus Coupe Range


Boasting the beauty and harmony of opposing forces, the Lexus Coupe range is crafted with its own unique integration of exhilarating performance and elegant luxury.

The Lexus model names in the coupe range include:

  • RC F and RC F Track Edition
  • LC (Luxury Coupé) and LC C (Luxury Coupé Convertible)

Let’s explore Lexus models of the coupe range in detail below

Lexus Coupe Range: Lexus RC

Meet the Lexus RC F and the RC F Track Edition! The two head-turning machines are infused with the DNA of the Lexus Racing program. Engineered to provoke a potent physical response within drivers who insist on high performance and unreserved refinement, the RC F models boast true-performance born of refinement.

Designed to liken supercars, the RC F models are not just sporty, they redefine speed and style like no other:

Lexus Range (C) Price Top Speed Power / Torque Transmission Cylinders & Arrangement
Lexus RC FR 1 615 000270 351 kW / 530 Nm Automatic 8-Speed V-Type 8
Lexus RC F Track EditionR 2 579 100270 351 kW / 530 Nm Automatic 8-Speed V-Type 8

Lexus Coupe Range: Lexus LC/CC

Introducing a world-class luxury coupe crafted for an era of uncompromising performance and design, the ready-to-ignite-your-sense Lexus LC and LCC! Integrating the luxuries of a flagship saloon with the seductive, sporting aesthetic of a grand touring coupé, Lexus enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing an intuitive connection between driver and vehicle.

Engineered in every dimension to deliver a truly rewarding driving experience, the LC/LCC coupe range is well-equipped:

Lexus Range (c) Price 0-100 (Sec) Power / Torque Transmission Cylinders & Arrangement
Lexus LC 500R 2 371 0004.7 351 kW / 540 Nm Automatic 10-Speed V-Type 8
Lexus LC 500 CCR 2 513 5004.7 351 kW / 540 Nm Automatic 10-Speed V-Type 8

Individual Crossover Range


Designed to evoke the feel of a dynamic luxury sedan but with the higher seating position and versatility desired in a luxury SUV, the Lexus crossover (X) range is the latest chapter in the success story of the best-selling luxury vehicles ever. This Lexus range is also often simply referred to as the Luxury SUV Range.

The Lexus model names in the coupe range include:

  • The UX (Urban Crossover)
  • The NX (Nimble Crossover)
  • The RX (Radiant Crossover)
  • The LX (Luxury Crossover)

See the Lexus models in the crossover range in detail below…

Lexus Crossover Range: Lexus UX

Engineered to fit in and designed to stand out, the versatile Lexus UX line delivers innovative luxury and safety. Expanding the limits of the next, the bold lines of the UX prove that unmistakable strength does not come with size.

Epitomising elegant exploration, the Lexus UX is designed to conquer city streets with nimble handling and two daring new F SPORT models:

Lexus Range (X) Price Seats Transmission Fuel Type
Lexus UX 250h EXR 808 600 5 ECVT Petrol Electric Hybrid
Lexus UX 250h SER 891 800 5 ECVT Petrol Electric Hybrid
Lexus UX 250h F-SportR 947 500 5 ECVT Petrol Electric Hybrid

Lexus Crossover Range: Lexus NX

The perfect getaway car for urban and country trips alike, the Lexus NX is crafted to the only standard that matters: yours. Boasting dynamic handling courtesy of an advanced platform with a low centre of gravity, the NX offers powerful engines across the line, including the innovative Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, the NX 450h.

The Lexus NX is class-leading and future driven with its intuitive connection between man and machine:

Lexus Range (X) Price Seats Transmission Fuel Type
Lexus NX 250 EXR 912 400 5 Automatic 8-Speed Petrol
Lexus NX 350h EXR 942 700 5 CVT Petrol Electric Hybrid
Lexus NX 350h SER 1 104 1005 CVT Petrol Electric Hybrid
Lexus NX 350h F SportR 1 130 4005 CVT Petrol Electric Hybrid
Lexus NX 350 F-SportR 1 140 9005 Automatic 8-Speed Petrol

Lexus Crossover Range: Lexus RX

Delivering luxury with an edge, the Lexus RX range is the next generation of Lexus for those who refuse to settle. This 5-seater RX is Lexus’ first sports utility vehicle, marking a Crossover point between a luxury saloon and an off-roader.

Featuring Lexus Interface, an available 14-inch touchscreen and even more wireless connectivity, this Lexus RX range consists of the most connected Lexus models ever in the history of RX:

Lexus Range (X) Price Drive Wheels Transmission Fuel Type
Lexus RX 350 EXR 1 206 700All Automatic 8-Speed Petrol
Lexus RX 350L EXR 1 295 900All Automatic 8-Speed Petrol
Lexus RX 350 F-SportR 1 349 500All Automatic 8-Speed Petrol
Lexus Lexus RX 450h SER 1 567 800All CVT Petrol Electric Hybrid

Lexus Crossover Range: Lexus LX

Featuring power 50/50-split third-row seats that can be reclined for added comfort when in use and folded flat into the floor when more space is needed, the Lexus LX takes the brand’s commitment to luxury to new lengths and creates a driving experience that’s second to none.

A definitive standard of luxury, the LX is engineered in such a way that every centimetre driven is encompassed by luxurious design, technology and style, on- and off-road:

Lexus Range (X) Price Engine Capacity (Litre) Transmission Fuel Type
Lexus LX 500DR 2 341 0003.3 Automatic 10-Speed Diesel
Lexus LX 500D F-SportR 2 350 2003.3 Automatic 10-Speed Diesel
Lexus LX 600 F-SportR 2 383 8003.5 Automatic 10-Speed Petrol
Lexus Lexus LX 600R 2 398 0003.5 Automatic 10-Speed Petrol
Lexus LX 600 VIPR 2 787 5003.5 Automatic 10-Speed Petrol

Individual Sedan Range


Offering supremely luxurious, distinctive designs with attentive craftsmanship curated for the ultimate driving experience is the Lexus sedan (S) range. Lexus sedans are available in two powertrains, petrol and self-charging hybrid electric, guaranteeing a unique blend of performance and luxury.

The Lexus model names in the sedan range include:

  • The ES (Executive Sedan)
  • The IS (Intelligent Sedan)
  • The LS (Luxury Sedan)

Let’s explore the Lexus models in the crossover range in detail below…

Lexus Sedan Range: Lexus ES

Launched back in 1989, the mid-size sedan is recognised as the most popular saloon at Lexus. Built on a highly rigid platform, the ES features a dynamic stance and a sleek, coupe-like silhouette. Equipped with the F Sport-Tuned Suspension, the ES offers more enhanced control, and more handling to guarantee everyday ride comfort.

Designed to amplify your driving experience with comfort and sustained innovation, the Lexus ES is an everyday style icon of the sedan Lexus models:

Lexus Range (X)PriceFuel Consumption (Combined Cycle) (L/100km)TransmissionFuel Type
Lexus ES 250 EXR 771 4006.6Direct Shift Automatic 8-speedPetrol
Lexus ES 300h EXR 829 9004.6ECVTPetrol Hybrid
Lexus ES 300h SER 1 021 3004.6ECVTPetrol Hybrid

Known to have always integrated traditional qualities of Japanese craftsmanship with mechanically dynamic innovation since the arrival of the IS 200 in 1999, the Lexus IS continues to ensure that drivers experience a new dimension every time they’re behind the wheel.

Like traditional manga art combines powerful narratives with increasingly evolving modern styles and visuals, the Lexus IS hybrid range merges the pinnacles of conventional technology with the latest in hybrid vehicle innovation:

Lexus Range (X) Price Fuel Consumption (Combined Cycle) (L/100km) Transmission Fuel Type
Lexus IS 300h EXR 942 700 5.2 ECVT Petrol-Electric Hybrid
Lexus IS 300h SER 1 008 3005.2 ECVT Petrol-Electric Hybrid
Lexus IS 300h F-SportR 1 036 4005.2 ECVT Petrol-Electric Hybrid

Known as the finest luxury car in the world by parent company Toyota and by the motoring press, the original LS 400 launched in 1989 was crafted by 60 designers, 1 400 engineers, 2 300 technicians and over 200 support workers. The same craft, luxury and aspiration have meticulously gone into the design of every flagship LS model ever since.

Featuring ground-breaking technology that feels like an extension of the driver, the Lexus LS transcends luxury and aspiration with every enhancement:

Lexus Range (X)PriceFuel Consumption (Combined Cycle) (L/100km)TransmissionFuel Type
Lexus LS 500 F-SportR 2 397 60010.0-Petrol
Lexus LS 500HR 2 525 1006.6CVTPetrol-Electric Hybrid
Lexus LS 500R 2 595 40010.0Automatic 10-SpeedPetrol

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