Lexus LS 500 Interior And Exterior - Discover The Art of Hospitality 1

Lexus LS 500 Interior And Exterior - Discover The Art of Hospitality

12 Dec 2022

Discover The Exterior & Interior Of The Lexus LS 500

Watch the video below to see how the illumination pattern of the interior of an LS has been carefully thought through

Credit Lexus South Africa

Lexus LS 500 Overview


Presenting the new Lexus LS 500 reimagined to dare magnify refinement further. This sedan has a coupe-like design with an attractively curving rear that draws attention to it. Featuring the augmented front fascias, headlights, and taillights, it is practically impossible to turn one’s gaze from this machine.

To enhance the beauty in every detail, our Takumi craftsmen reinvented the concept of a world-class premium sedan with an unrivalled commitment to handcrafted perfection. Featuring world-class craftsmanship that takes inspiration a step further with premium materials like Kiriko glass and exclusive Artwood designs, there is pure beauty to be found in every detail of the LS.

The spindle grille draws the eye to this attention-grabbing design, but the three-dimensional front end draws it, even more, giving the car movement even when stationary. The seat cushions in the Lexus LS are enhanced to do more than embrace you, they further reduce vibrations to create an experience like no other.


Showcasing the art of hospitality, the interior of the Lexus LS has been skillfully designed to reduce outside noise, ensuring that music and conversations can be enjoyed with no interruptions. Additionally, you can customise the interior of your LS according to your unique taste and demands.

Inspired by the individuals who would experience the vehicle, the LS was redesigned to seamlessly fit your lifestyle. Below are the available interior trim colours…

  • Crimson and Black
  • Black
  • Black and White
  • White
  • Flare Red

With a more distinctive design and unconventional craftsmanship, the new Lexus LS doesn’t just set the standard, it surpasses it. Made with art that moves you, the LS features alloy wheels, a moonroof, a spindle grille, and auto-retractable heated side mirrors. Exhibiting luxurious comfort.

Lexus LS 500 Interior & Luxurious Comfort


For an everything-thrilling driving experience, the athletic smooth leather seats are exclusively F SPORT and are designed to gently support your body. Thus ensuring that the Lexus LS F Sport provides stability and comfort even during the sportiest driving manoeuvres.

Featuring front and rear power-retractable butterfly headrests that offer luxurious seating and comfort for all passengers, the sophisticated interior of the new Lexus LS 500 and 500-hybrid interior are subtly transcended.

The Lexus LS 500 interior is engineered to be a whisper-quiet haven, stopping excessive noise from interfering with the inside. Inspired by luxurious comfort, the LS 500 interior features embody the Japanese concept of hospitality, and include the following…

  • More Adaptive Seats
  • Improved Navigation Controls
  • Leather Steering Wheel
  • Effective Air Conditioning

Exclusively available on LS 500 and LS 500h models only*


Inspired by the warm glow of Japanese Andon lanterns, the driver and passengers are cordially welcomed into the cabin by soft LED illumination. Refined as art that moves, the engine responsiveness, gear-change characteristics, steering as well as the suspension are all fine-tuned for the economy, performance or comfort.

The Lexus LS features the exclusive Drive Mode Select with the following six selectable drive modes…

  • Eco
  • Normal
  • Sport
  • Sport S+
  • Comfort
  • Custom

Introducing the whole world of art hospitality within the Lexus LS 500, you are also awarded the opportunity to coordinate the style of your seats, instrument panel, ceiling and carpets to create a true expression of your personality and lifestyle within the LS.

Lexus LS 500 Technology


Presenting state-of-the-art technology, the Lexus LS 500 technology is not only limited to driving. It additionally encompasses the art of providing connectivity between the driver and the car through innovative LS designs.

The Lexus LS oozes luxurious comfort that continues to make driving more convenient and enjoyable. It comes standard with innovative technological features below…

  • Power Hands-Free Luggage Boot
  • Advanced Audio System
  • Head-Up Display
  • Park Distance Control

Open up a whole new world of personalised offerings and customisable features like Wi-Fi, Roadside Assistance and more with the MyLexus App.


Inspired by the Japanese concept of hospitality, omotenashi, Lexus' vision is to make drivers and guests feel cared for from the moment they step into the vehicle. That means anticipating their needs and considering their comfort with advanced technology to create a seamless and intuitive relationship.

With a practical 12.3-inch touchscreen, premium audio technology, plus tons of connectivity options, one has to admit that the LS is not only the most advanced yet but also the most humane sedan Lexus has ever made.

The Mark Levinson Surround Sound system includes 23 speakers and provides a

concert hall-like listening experience within the cabin. Also featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can experience cutting-edge technology that makes it even more convenient to connect to your vehicle's multimedia display system through your device's interface of choice

Lexus LS 500 Safety & Offers


The Lexus LS features an integrated suite of premium semi-autonomous driving technologies developed with one of the most complex highway systems, the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway. Protection at its finest, the LS 500 is equipped with Park Distance Control feature that detects objects around the Lexus LS and alerts the driver with a display indicator or a buzzer to prompt immediate action.

Featuring the Lexus Safety System+ 2.0, Lexus LS has been engineered to bring the world closer to a future without accidents. CFAO Motors Lexus honours all of the latest offers from Lexus South Africa, view their latest offers here.

Safely transcend to new levels of refinement and locate our trusted CFAO Motors Lexus’ dealer near you. Our expert personnel look forward to getting you up close with the Lexus LS 500 interior.

Below are Lexus LS price plans

Lexus LS Model Pricelist:
Lexus LS 500 F-Sport R 2 397 600
Lexus LS 500H R 2 525 100
Lexus LS 500 R 2 595 400

Lexus LS 500 Exterior


Pushing perfection further, the philosophy behind the most impressive LS yet is attention to detail that elicits an emotional response. Fitted with meticulously crafted 20-inch cast alloy rims, the Lexus LS 500 continues to command attention at every corner with its provocative styling.

Inspired by luxurious comfort, the Lexus LS features a power luggage hands-free boot that opens and closes when you bring your foot close to the kick sensor under the rear bumper while carrying the smart key. An 11.6-inch 720p resolution LCD screen is provided for rear-seat passengers to enjoy an enhanced viewing experience. Therefore magnifying the luxurious comfort the LS 500 has to offer.

For art that moves amidst all conditions, the Lexus LS 500 additionally features auto-retractable heated side mirrors which come with heating functionality that eliminates frost and mist in winter. It additionally moves further and features…

  • Moonroof
  • Panorama Glass Roof
  • Windshield wiper de-icer*

Inspired by you, our Takumi craftsmen redesigned each element of the LS to fit your lifestyle seamlessly.


For a thrilling driving experience, the e razor-sharp handling of the Lexus high-performance line meets aggressive, track-inspired design with the LS 500 F SPORT. All LS 500 F SPORT models share a platform with the mighty LC Coupè and DNA with LFA, including a specially tuned system engineered by the same team behind the iconic supercar.

The LS 500 F SPORT model additionally boasts the following exterior features…

  • F SPORT 20-inch Wheels
  • F SPORT Grille
  • F SPORT Badge
  • Lower Door Trim

This provocative Lexus LS 500 sedan is coupe-like in its silhouette, sloping elegantly at the rear of the car and drawing eyes in. Pure refinement reimagined!

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