There are very few South African bakkie lovers who aren't able to identify a good old Isuzu KB on sight. As far as brands with longevity go, Isuzu has come a long way in cementing its reputation for excellence and reliability over the better part of half a century, which means 6+ generations of South African drivers have grown up knowing that an Isuzu bakkie proudly goes where few others dare to venture.

This is why we are so excited to share the news that the KB range is about to turn the page to a fresh new chapter, which includes a name change to Isuzu D-Max to bring it in line with naming conventions around the world. Along with the new moniker, South African motorists can look forward to the same steadfast Isuzu quality, now enhanced with fresh new styling and innovative features across the board.

Why Isuzu D-Max though?

The D-Max name comes to us from Thailand, where the 2000-model Isuzu bakkie featured memorable headlamps in the shape of 'Dragon Eyes'. However, the D can also stand for 'durable design', as well as 'diesel & direct injection; while the 'max' refers to the auto brand's up-scaled approach to performance, durability, variety & more.

What else is new?

Plenty! The changes to the Isuzu D-Max line-up include:

  • Wonderful new additions to the 3.0L LX flagship, including a new chrome grille, LED headlights, soft-touch instrument cluster panels, and a larger full-colour touchscreen .
  • The option of a six-speed manual gearbox on the 3.0L models.
  • 30 Models to choose from overall, which includes plenty of room for spec customisation on the work-horse end of the spectrum.

For more information on the Isuzu D-MAX range, feel free to reach out to a REEDS dealership near you. Our expert consultants are standing by to answer all your questions, arrange test drives of any models that have piqued your interest and provide you with helpful advice on maintenance and ownership.