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16 Jan 2023


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As one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, it is slightly unfortunate that Toyota is not notable for its performance cars. It is fair to associate Toyota with a few other qualities: Reliability, affordability, and practicality. These factors even serve as the cornerstones for one of the most successful models ever assembled, the Toyota Corolla.

The launch of Toyota Gazoo Racing saw the birth of the Toyota GR86. Now in its second generation, it is the embodiment of Toyota’s performance segment. Not only does the new range feature a range of stunning innovations, but it also does the more subtle work of adding the word “performance” alongside the iconic Toyota brand.


Toyota enthusiasts will be the first to tell you that the brand has a long history of assembling performance cars. For this reason, there is not an amateurish touch or fitting on the latest Toyota GR86. The range is fitted with an immaculate 2.4l boxer engine that manages to encapsulate the full race-car driving experience. Depending on your preference, the new Toyota GR86 range is available in two different variants:

  • Toyota GR86 2.4
  • Toyota GR86 2.4 A/T

This range is aimed purely at the motorist that craves performance. The Toyota GR86 is capable of 174kW of power and 250Nm of torque. There is precision in the vehicle’s handling and it is unapologetically aggressive on the road. This marks an interesting pivot for the traditional Toyota driver, who is no doubt accustomed to the usual menu of reliability and safety.

View of Gr86 Interior

Any racing fanatic worth their salt will no doubt bring up one thing in their discourse: Weight. Any performance vehicle can be fitted with the best innovation, it is easily rendered fruitless if the vehicle is too heavy. Drivers are not exempt either and need to maintain a certain weight level. Toyota is keenly aware of this, and the Toyota GR86 is one of the lightest performance vehicles amongst its peers.

Another highlight of the GR86 model is the inclusion of GR badges. The signage is visible on the steering wheel, push/start button, as well as the Smart key. It is a smart move from the manufacturer, as it adds an element of exclusivity to the Toyota GR86. It also edges brand Toyota away from its traditional safety underpinnings but positively. There are some recognizable features, however. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto rear their heads here. This functionality allows the driver to sync their smart device to the vehicle for additional convenience.

Start Button_Interior_ Toyota GR86

The Toyota GR86 is not just adorned with performance aesthetics, however. There is a range of driver-assist technologies that still allow the driver to reach their destination safely, regardless of the speed. Customers may expect the usual ABS systems and Brake Assist, but there is more here as well. Inclusions such as the Pre-Crash System and the Lane-Keeping System are of great importance, especially for a performance vehicle.

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Let’s have a look at the models in further detail.


Front Interior view of Toyota GR86

This section will explore the two variants in more detail.

Toyota GR86 2.4

Toyota GR86 2.4

First in our range is the Toyota GR86 2.4. This model is equipped with a manual transmission and up to 250Nm of torque.

Acceleration in seconds (0-100km/h): 6.4 seconds
Combined Fuel Consumption: 9.5 litres per 100 km
Standard Features: Vehicle stability control, Blind-spot monitor

Toyota GR86 2.4 A/T

Toyota GR86 2.4 A/T

The second model in our range is the Toyota GR86 2.4 A/T . This model comes standard with an automatic transmission and 174kW of power.

Acceleration in seconds (0-100km/h): 6.8 seconds
Combined Fuel Consumption: 8.8 litres per 100 km
Standard Features: Lane departure alert, Active noise control


Has the Toyota GR86 been launched in South Africa?

This model is available in Mzansi. The first generation was released about a decade ago.

Is the Toyota GR86 quick on the road?

The GR86 boasts impressive acceleration on the road, especially given its inexpensive price tag.

Is the Toyota GR86 turbo-powered?

Gazoo Racing has assembled a small number of turbo-charged models.

How reliable is the Toyota GR86?

This model is extremely reliable. Toyota was placed second in the 2022 What Car? Reliability Survey.

Is the Toyota GR86 a quiet vehicle?

The Toyota GR86 provides quite the loud drive, to create an authentic racing experience.


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Interior view of the Toyota GR86

The latest Toyota GR86 represents so much more than just another addition to the performance car segment. It marks a shift into new territory for a world-renowned brand. One where it can reinvent, reimagine, and continue to remain head and shoulders above its peers.

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