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13 Jan 2023


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Toyota GR86

Born from the vast legacy of Toyota’s sports coupés the all-new Toyota GR86 is a thrilling second-generation performance beast. Lightweight, perfectly balanced and rear-wheel driven. The GR86 is designed with inspiration and technology from the race track to give you the most exhilarating experience on the road. With more power, technology and all the torque, the GR86 leaves its predecessor in the dust.

The Toyota GR86 is available in 2 variants:

  • Toyota GR86 6MT
  • Toyota GR86 6AT

Toyota GR86

With its larger capacity, and naturally aspirated 2.4l flat-four engine the GR86 takes performance to the next level. Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s track specialists designed the GR86 to roar on the track as well on the road. Sharper, stronger suspension and a low centre of gravity enhance the GR86’s precision handling.

Experience the thrill and exhilarating feeling of power and control with the GR86 as you speed along the road in one of the lightest sports cars on the market.

The GR86’s sharper, faster and more aerodynamic profile improves on the classic sports car design. Skid around the corners with the GR86’s lightweight matte black, 18” alloy wheels.

Toyota GR86 Interior

The interior of the Toyota GR86 is specifically designed for the elite feel of a classic sports car. What makes it different is the silver-trimmed leather and suede sports seats designed to grip you tight as you experience the performance thrill of the GR86. GR badges appear on the steering wheel and the push start button, marking the GR86 as quality Gazoo Racing technology.

For the tech-enthusiasts, the GR86 has a high-resolution 7’ multi-information display which also doubles as the monitor for the vehicle's high-quality reverse camera. To add the finishing touches the GR86 draws inspiration straight from the racetrack with a custom-designed Track Mode that displays a shift indicator, oil and water temperatures as well as a lap timer.

GR 86 Technology

A Toyota wouldn’t be a Toyota without the proper safety features installed. The GR86 has an extra focus on safety because of its connection to Gazoo Racing which specialises in safety features for racecars. The Safety Features include and are not limited to a Lane Keeping System with Lane Departure Alert, a Pre-Crash System and Anti-lock Brakes.

The GR86 is also available for a thrilling test drive. Book an appointment with us by locating your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership.


GR86 GR Branded Push Start button

The GR86 is available in 2 different models. The pricing is as follows:

Toyota GR86 Variant: Pricelist:
Toyota GR86 6MT R712 100
Toyota GR86 6AT R748 400


Toyota GR86 racing on the road

A general financial structure has been created to give consumers an indication of how much the new model could cost. Please take into consideration that these figures are indicative only

Toyota GR86 6MT

Toyota GR86 6MT

The first model in the GR86 range is the Toyota GR86 6MT. This model comes equipped with a manual 6-speed transmission and an engine capacity of 2.4 litres.

Cash Price: Deposit: Term: Interest Rate: Installment:
R 712 100 0% 72 Months 12.00% R 13 922

Toyota GR86 6AT

Toyota GR86 6AT

The next model is the Toyota GR86 6AT. It is designed with an automatic 6-speed transmission and 4 seats.

Cash Price: Deposit: Term: Interest Rate: Installment:
R 748 400 0% 72 Months 12.00% R 14 631


Is The new Toyota GR86 Affordable?

The Toyota GR86 is competitively priced and affordable.

Is the GR86 worth the money?

The GR86 is an upgrade from its predecessor with more of the classic sports car experience and feel.

Is the Toyota GR86 a good entry-level car?

For a sports coupé, the GR86 is a good beginner model with everything a sports car should be.

What transmission type is the new GR86?

The Toyota GR86 6MT model has a manual transmission while the GR86 6AT model has an automatic transmission.


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The Toyota GR86

The Toyota GR86 is a reimagination of the classic sports car. With a sleeker silhouette, innovative technology from the racetrack and enviable performance, the GR86 improves on what a sports car should be. Powerful but stable, sporty but classy and an interior with the right contrast of comfortability and luxury. The GR86 is definitely worth your attention with being one of the lightest sports cars on the market and a competitive price.

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