24 Jan 2023


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To watch a preview of the new Toyota GR Supra, please view the Youtube video below:

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GR Supra

Like a blazing phoenix, Toyota Supra Rises from the ashes with its GR model refining everything that made the Supra iconic. That’s not all. Gazoo Racing designed the new GR Supra model with innovative technology and inspiration straight from the racetrack.

Can you believe it's been 45 years of Supra? For five generations the Toyota Supra enticed drivers from around the world to become one with the car in pursuit of the greatest driving experience. The Toyota GR Supra aims to enhance that driving experience and continue the legacy that the Supra created throughout the years.

The GR Supra is available in 2 new variants:

  • Toyota GR Supra 3.0T
  • Toyota GR Supra 3.0T A/T

The exterior of the GR Supra is sculpted out of aluminium and steel composite to form a body that optimises straight-line aerodynamic efficiency which aims to reduce lift. While other cars focus only on speed and power, the GR Supra put extra emphasis on front/rear weight balance and excellent handling.

Describing a car as aggressive might scare off some people, but what is the front of the GR Supra if not an aggressive smile that beckons anyone to challenge it? The aggressiveness is complimented by sharp yet elegant lines throughout the exterior of the GR Supra. The back of the vehicle pays tribute to the previous generations of Supra with a classic lifted look. Looking at the GR Supra you will notice that the rear and front align perfectly and that it modernizes the classic look of what makes a Supra iconic.

Nestled behind the hood of the Legend, the interior of the Toyota GR Supra displays the intelligent innovative technology incorporated into its design. The phrase “Tech Meets Tradition” is realized in the GR Supra’s innovative technology mixed with the classic feel of a sports car.

The Heads-Up Display (HUD) will make you feel like you are in a Need-for-Speed game showing information such as speed and navigation. To further this experience, traditional gages and meters have been reimagined into a configurable Multi-Information Display with a three-dimensional rev clock.

Gear shift base made out of plastic? Not in the GR Supra! High-gloss carbon fibre covers the gear shift base and transmission tunnel. A steering wheel is not decorative. It is the control panel that steers your GR Supra into the future. The three-spoke steering wheel is clad with leather, manually tiltable and telescopically extendable. With adaptive cruise control and phone operation technology on the sides of it, you can drive safely without letting go.

Whether you want to feel like a super-spy with an all-black minimalistic atmosphere or a superhero with a more expressive red and black aura, the GR Supra’s interior trims will make you feel super either way!

The Supra is not just about the driver's seat, it aims to make your experience as convenient as possible. This is true with its smartphone wireless charging function, dual-zone climate control and infotainment unit with satellite navigation, voice recognition, BlueTooth connectivity and 12 JBL speakers.

Performance! That is the core of the Toyota GR Supra. The new Supra is not simply redesigned to perform, it was rebuilt from the ground up to redefine the meaning. Roaring with its front-mounted 3l turbocharged direct-injection straight- 6-cylinder petrol engine which produces 285 kW of pure power between 5800 - 6500 r/min and 500 Nm of torque between 1800 -5000 r/min. Most cars are straight-line performers, while the GR Supra is sculpted for razor-sharp and precise handling, stability and agility when you drift it around sharp corners.

The passionate feel of ultimate performance that the GR Supra gives you is equally important to having peace of mind during your driving experience. Safety might not be the first thing you think of when you hear Supra, but it is a critical part of what makes a Toyota. The GR Supra has various safety features. They include driver, passenger, side, curtain and driver knee airbags, Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Control, Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Brake Assist. These are all basic Toyota safety features.

The GR Supra goes above and beyond what is required. With a Blind Spot Monitor, Pre-crash system with pedestrian detection, Lane change assist, Lane departure warning and Road sign assist which relays road sign information through the use of a camera connected to the HUD.

The Toyota GR Supra is competitively priced with its entry model for R1 488 400 and the top-of-the-range model for R1 524 400. For more information download our brochure. This model is also available for a thrilling test drive at your nearest approved CFAO Motors Toyota Dealership.

Let’s have a look at the variants more closely.


This section will detail the two new Toyota GR Supra models in terms of price, performance and standout features.

Toyota GR Supra 3.0T

The first model in this range is the Toyota GR Supra 3.0T. This model delivers 285 kW of power and 500 Nm of torque.

Cash Price:R1 488 400
Acceleration In Seconds (0-100km/h):4.4 seconds
Standout Features:6-speed manual transmission, push start system

Toyota GR Supra 3.0T A/T

The next model is the Toyota GR Supra 3.0T A/T. This model is designed with a paddle shift and a twin-scroll turbocharger.

Cash Price:R1 300 600
Acceleration In Seconds (0-100km/h):4.3 seconds
Standout Features:Alcantara seat trims, 3 spoke leather steering wheel.


What makes the GR Supra special?

The GR Supra is bred and designed for performance from the racetrack to the road.

Is the GR Supra comfortable?

Yes, the Toyota GR Supra is designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you perform.

Is the Toyota GR Supra a supercar?

The GR Supra is not just a simple supercar. It is the supercar of Toyota!

What does the GR stand for?

It stands for Toyota’s Racing division: Gazoo Racing.


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The fifth-generation Supra is no ordinary vehicle. Inspired by its predecessors and crafted by Gazoo Racing the Toyota GR Supra gives you the performance experience of a lifetime with innovative technology fitted into a classic sporty style. With an aggressive exterior that issues a challenge to a technologically advanced interior, the GR Supra will fulfil all your driving desires.

For more information on the Toyota GR Supra, download our brochure. Alternatively, contact us:


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