07 Jul 2022

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To obtain a succinct overview of the specifications of the latest Toyota C-HR, please view our Youtube video below:


If the brief required that Toyota build an instantly recognizable exterior with the launch of the new Toyota C-HR, then it is fair to say that everyone understood the assignment. There is no mistaking the distinctive lines and sharp architecture of the model. The chiseled face is accentuated with the inclusion of LED headlamps and a wider grille.

Beneath the bonnet lies a capable 1.2l turbo petrol engine (a performance that we will assess here). The Toyota’s large spacious interior is decorated with the latest tech and innovation, such as the recognizable infotainment system (that allows occupants to connect their device to it). This result is a wonderfully fulfilling driving experience for everyone in the cabin, and it is just the beginning of the gifts that this wonderful model has in store for prospective customers.

There is not a vehicle belonging to the Toyota family that is not emblazoned with safety features. A standout amongst the new Toyota C-HR specs is the incorporation of the Blind Spot Monitor capability. It is a key feature that makes use of indicator lights and warnings to allow drivers to know when a vehicle has entered their blind spot. 

There are 4 models in the new range - all equipped with either 17” or 18” steel or alloy wheels. Additional features include the Luxury model’s adaptive cruise control system, the multi-information display, and voice control. Connectivity is a major feature of the new range of Toyota C-HR. The model makes use of the MyToyota App as well, and smart devices can easily link with the vehicle with the use of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.​

Performance is a deciding factor for many, and the C-HR specs certainly do not disappoint. The turbo-charged 1.2l petrol four-cylinder engine drums out 85kW of power and 185Nm worth of torque. The C-HR is also a frugal consumer of petrol, an important factor in considering because of the increasing rising price of fuel. The drive is available in either a 6-speed manual or CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). It combines for a drive that is stable, consistent, and on par with anything produced by competitors in this range of vehicles.

For a succinct overview of the new Toyota C-HR’s specifications and drive, please view our Youtube video below:​

To obtain a detailed overview of the C-HR’s specs, please download our brochure here. By locating your nearest approved CFAO Toyota Dealership, you can also test drive one of these wonderful vehicles yourself. Let’s explore each of the new 4 variants a little more closely.


New Toyota C-HR 1.2T

The first model in our new C-HR, the Toyota C-HR 1.2T, comes standard with 185Nm of torque and is available in manual transmission.

Maximum Power:85kW
Fuel Consumption:6.3 liters per 100kms
Standard Features:ISOFIX child restraint system, Remote wireless door lock

New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus

The next model in our range is the Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus. It is equipped with 185Nm of torque and has colour-coded front bumpers.

Maximum Power:85kW
Fuel Consumption:6.3 liters per 100kms
Standard Features:ABS braking system, Brake-Assist

New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus CVT

The Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus CVT is an automatic drive and comes equipped with colour-coded rear bumpers.

Maximum Power:85kW
Fuel Consumption:6.4 liters per 100kms
Standard Features:Electronic brake-force distribution, Hill-Assist Control

New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Luxury CVT

At the top of our range is the Toyota C-HR 1.2T Luxury CVT. This model is equipped with a Push/Start starting system and Bi-LED/Auto High Beam Headlights.

Maximum Power:85kW
Fuel Consumption:6.4 liters per 100kms
Standard Features:Blind spot monitor, Intelligent park assist


Is the Toyota C-HR equipped with a turbocharged engine?

Unfortunately, the new model is not equipped with a turbo.

Is the Toyota C-HR a good choice for a potential customer in the market?

Absolutely. The Toyota C-HR specifications are outstanding, and plenty of tech and innovation options are available. The new range is also packed with personality, is easy to handle, and is fun to drive.

Which country manufacturers the new Toyota C-HR?

Several countries produce the new variant. Amongst them are China, Japan, Turkey, and Thailand.

Does the new Toyota C-HR qualify to be classified as an SUV?

The actual classification of the Toyota C-HR is that of a subcompact crossover or an extra-small SUV.

Is the Toyota C-HR available in manual and automatic transmissions?

Yes. The new variant can be purchased as a manual or CVT automatic transmission.​


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There is nothing restrained or demure about making an entrance with the new Toyota C-HR. It is quite simply tech heaven and a striking piece of visual work by the brand Toyota. Despite the obvious emphasis on creating a unique exterior and pleasing cabin, Toyota has not pivoted from its traditional safety and comfort features. Combined with a stable and fun driving experience, the new C-HR variants will rank as one of the finest subcompact SUVs on the market.

By comparison, competitors such as the Audi Q3 weigh in heavier price-wise, whilst the Peugeot 2008 does not quite have the street credibility or appeal.

To enquire more about the Toyota C-HR’s specifications, please download our brochure here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us!