Introducing the Opel Crossland


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New Opel Crossland SUV for sale

The new Opel Crossland, now available from CFAO Mobility, combines the practical aspects of an SUV with the sleek styling and interior innovation of a cutting-edge urban car. Flexible, stylish and ready to hit the road at a moment's notice, it makes the ideal family car with ample cargo space for weekends away and weekly shopping trips, as well as a spacious cabin with plenty of room to stretch out while you explore.

Versatile & Adjustable

If compact fuel-efficiency is what you're looking for in your new or pre-owned Opel, the Crossland will be right up your alley. Dynamic and versatile to the core, it's sharp lines may look deliciously imposing, but it also offers the added benefit of improving overall aerodynamics, which brings down that fuel bill considerably.

Safety & Comfortability

Ready to get behind the wheel of the Opel Crossland and throw in some low rolling-resistance tyres and you'll see why the Crossland is being touted as one of South Africa's most efficient SUVs.

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