Next-Gen Ranger Raptor



Get the Ford Next-Gen Ranger Raptor, Today!

Meet the Future of Tough with the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor The next generation of this lineup looks to do its predecessors proud with a new level of power, style and future-fit performance.
Redefine What Tough Means with Robust Style An imposing figure with strong, dynamic purporting make the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor a serious and stylish contender. It features a one-of-a-kind Grille, 17” Alloy Wheels, Dynamic C-Clamp LED Headlamps and a broad chassis that widens its stance.

The interior is both modern and welcoming by catering for your comfort needs while you overcome the terrain of your choice. It comes complete with a new Digital Panel cluster, a sleek and attractive dashboard that spans the cabin and also features an LCD touchscreen, high-quality finishes and innovative technology and Infotainment.
Features to Look Forward To No matter the terrain ahead, you can enjoy the ability to seamlessly choose specialised profiles for the terrain conditions you are facing. Not to mention, you can make your ride truly your own by customising your driving, steering and exhaust modes. You can even adjust the sound of your exhaust so everyone knows when you’re coming.

Other welcome features come in the form of Optimised Shock Absorbers for ride comfort and Aluminium Side Steps for easy entry. The advanced safety and convenience of Stability Control Systems, an Electronic Brake Booster and an all-seeing 360-Degree Camera system complete the experience

The next steps. Available at CFAO Mobility