VW Caddy Interior: Panel Van Edition

Run Your Business With a Versatile Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van as Your Partner

If you're a small business owner, you know how frustrating it can be to struggle with an impractical vehicle that just doesn't seem to be able to accommodate all of your goods or equipment, forcing you to make multiple trips or make do with the bare minimum. Those days are over with the reliable and versatile Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van.

Transport everything you need in one go and get the job done faster, saving you time that you could be using to grow your business even further. The form and function of a new Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van make it ideal for conversions and can be transformed into a highly functional service vehicle, especially suitable for those working in the installation and repair industries, as well as many others.

CFAO Volkswagen stocks all of the latest vehicles on offer by Volkswagen South Africa at the eleven dealerships across the country. The current VW Caddy Panel Van line-up available at CFAO Volkswagen consists of:

  • The VW Caddy 1.6 Panel Van
  • The VW Caddy 2.0 TDI Panel Van
  • The VW Caddy Maxi 2.0 TDI Panel Van
  • The VW Caddy Maxi 2.0 TDI Panel Van Sport
  • The VW Caddy Maxi 2.0 TDI Panel Van DSG

This Volkswagen Caddy interior article will be looking at what the Panel Van range has to offer as a whole. To experience all your preferred model variant has to offer, be sure to schedule a complimentary test drive at a CFAO Volkswagen dealer near you.

Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van Design and Practicality

The Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van is clean and practical on the inside. It comes equipped with a host of standard functional interior equipment, such as:

  • Glove compartment with a lockable door and light
  • Standard seats (2 total)
  • Manual height adjustment for the driver's (right front) seat
  • Interior lighting
  • Rubber floor covering inside the cab
  • Partition featuring a high, plastic grille in the upper part
  • Centre console
  • Standard dashboard
  • Door and side trim panel
  • Standard side trim panel in the passenger compartment
  • 2 (passive) speakers
  • Mobile phone interface
  • 12 V socket(s)
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Instrument cluster with a km/h speedometer

The load compartment in the Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van offers a generous amount of space (more on that in a bit) and a bonus is that it can be outfitted to suit your specific needs with ease.

Stop the Struggle and Safely Secure Your Cargo

VW's Caddy Panel Van load compartment is equipped with up to eight lashing rings. These fold-down rings are firmly fixed to the Panel Van's floor. With the help of tear-resistant tensioning belts, the rings will help you to safely secure any tools, cargo or materials you are transporting, while complying with set regulations.

For all those who do a lot of hard and dirty work, why not choose to invest in the easy to clean, optional plastic protective layer that's exactly moulded to the shape of the ribbed floor's surface? This rubberised material also offers the benefits of better sound dampening, as well as improved insulation.

Make Loading and Unloading Your Vehicle an Effortless Exercise

Vehicles intended for commercial use need to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Their doors are opened and closed multiple times per day, putting a heavy strain on them.

The Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van boasts superior build quality. All of the rails, hinges and handles used in its construction are designed to put up with even the harshest of conditions. Its plenty of available door variants, along with its lowered loading sill height, also help make loading and unloading the Volkswagen Panel Van a breeze. A VW Maxi Caddy Panel Van and a Sport variant both come with two sliding doors on the sides as standard (one on each side).

A shorter wheelbase VW Caddy Van comes with one sliding door on its left-hand side. An optional second sliding door can be added to the right-hand side as well. This is ideal for easy access to all your tools and goods from a variety of angles. These sliding doors are roof height and windowless, which ensures absolute interior privacy and deters criminals from breaking in.

Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van Space and Layout

A Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van may be seen as a compact by many, but don't let that fool you – this commercial has more than enough interior space to go around. Small business owners will be impressed with its triumphant load volume and its wide range of loading possibilities. The Volkswagen Caddy can take on a payload of 815 kg without hassle.

Caddy Maxi Panel Van variants have a load capacity of up to 4.2 m3, while a shorter wheelbase variant can still accommodate a respectable load capacity of up to 3.2 m3. Again, you can access the loading bay via either the sliding rear door(s) or the wing doors at the back.

Explore All the Volkswagen Caddy Range Has to Offer

You are sure to find a new VW Caddy for sale to suit your specific needs in the complete Caddy line-up, consisting of not only the Panel Van but the Crew Bus, Trendline and Alltrack derivates as well.

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