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Overview of VW T-Cross Specs:

The new VW T-Cross may have sourced its inspiration from the iconic Polo, but the elevation in sheer design is clear with the T-Cross. It exudes class and presence (which is to be expected from an SUV) but takes it one step further with the plethora of tech that VW has given it. Let’s explore this range’s wonderful new specifications.

VW has been mindful to ensure that there is sufficient space in the T-Cross. Given the vehicle's specifications and that it is not the largest SUV that one could find on the road, this is worthy to note. Following suit with some of its competitors, the front seat is raised to create a feeling of space and control. There is also an allowance for the rear seat to fold and slide, allowing passengers to make room as and where they deem fit. Volkswagen has rounded this off by tucking nuggets of storage compartments throughout the vehicle.

The new VW T-Cross also boasts an attractive yet practical exterior. It is kitted out with 16” “Belmont” alloy wheels and all the models in the range come equipped with roof rails. The R-Line range offers its driver the option of emblazoning their ride with a coat of individuality with 18” “Nevada” alloy wheels.

VW T-Cross Performance, Technology, and Drive:

Our first three models in the VW T-Cross range come standard with a 3-cylinder engine (the VW T-Cross 1.5 R-Line DSG 110kW comes with a 4-cylinder). The range is also extremely frugal when it comes to petrol consumption, sipping a mere 5.4 liters per 100kms.

As previously mentioned, Volkswagen has spent a good deal of time on the innovation and tech aspects of this new range. Models come equipped with an Active Info Display and an Infotainment system. The 12.3-inch screen puts driving information on glorious display and also houses the “Discover Navigation” system. The technology is not only practical for the road but is also playful. Innovations such as We Connect Go allow an element of interconnectivity between your mobile device and your vehicle.

The range also offers a wireless charging option, which allows you to charge your mobile device by playing it on the inductive tray. There are also some more recognizable features offered across the models such as Park Distance Control and Cruise Control.

To obtain a more succinct view of the specifications offered by the new VW T-Cross, please download our brochure here. To experience this wonderful new range yourself, find your nearest approved CFAO VW dealership near you and book a test drive here. Let’s examine the features and performance of each model more closely.

New Volkswagen T-Cross 1.0 TSI Comfortline 70kW

View of VW__T-Cross

The entry model to our range is the VW T-Cross 1.0 TSI Comfortline 70kW. This model has a power output of 70kW and a 3-cylinder engine.

Top Speed: 180km/h
Fuel Consumption: 5,5 liters per 100km
Standard Features: Colour-coded handles and exterior mirrors, Alarm with ultrasonic interior monitoring, Multi-function display “plus”.

New Volkswagen T-Cross 1.0 TSI Comfortline DSG 85kW

View of VW__T-Cross

Our second model, the VW T-Cross 1.0 TSI Comfortline DSG 85kW, rests upon 16” “Belmont” wheels and races from 0-100kms in 10.2 seconds.

Top Speed: 193 km/h
Fuel Consumption: 5.4 liters per 100km
Standard Features: 7-speed DSG transmission, Hill-hold assist, Optional Active Info display.

New Volkswagen T-Cross 1.0 TSI Highline DSG 85kW

View of VW___T-Cross

Third in our range is the VW T-Cross 1.0 TSI Highline DSG 85kW. This model comes standard with a 377 l boot space and 18” “Cologne” alloy wheels.

Top Speed: 193 km/h
Fuel Consumption: 5.4 liters per 100km
Standard Features: Optional inductive charging, App-Connect, ISOFIX child seat anchor points.

New Volkswagen T-Cross 1.5 TSI R-Line DSG 110kW

View of VW___T-Cross

The vehicle at the top of the range is the VW T-Cross 1.5 T-Cross R-Line DSG 110kW. This model comes standard with sports seats and LED taillights.

Top Speed: 200 km/h
Fuel Consumption: 5.5 liters per 100km
Standard Features: Electronic stability control, R-Line Exterior, Optional Beats Sound system.

VW T-Cross FAQs:

Is there any difference between the Comfortline and the Highline?

The Highline offers several additional extras. These include options such as comfort sports seats, inductive wireless mobile charging, and LED headlights amongst others.

How fuel-efficient is the new range of VW T-Cross?

Considerable testing has shown that the VW T-Cross is extremely fuel-efficient, especially given its size and engine capacity.

Is the VW T-Cross a good purchase overall?

Absolutely. Cars guide has rated the VW T-Cross a sold 7/10 and made special mention of its safety, space, and fuel efficiency.

Can the VW T-Cross be classified as an SUV?

It can. The VW T-Cross is a compact SUV that was launched just before lockdown.

Is the VW T-Cross a Polo?

The new VW T-Cross is not a Polo, however, its design is based on that of a Polo.

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Innovation On Steroids:

There is always the danger that a manufacturer of VW’s caliber could release an SUV that is completely “paint-by-numbers”. Aspects of performance, safety, and specifications run the risk of being formulaic. Given Volkswagen’s reputation, they may even be able to get away with it. However, the new VW T-Cross is laden with innovation and technology that elevates not only the range but the brand overall. It is true innovation on steroids.

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