P-Series Passenger Double Cab
P-Series Passenger Double Cab from R515,950

P-Series Passenger Double Cab

Introducing the GWM P-Series Passenger Double Cab


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P-Series Passenger Double Cab

Available in six color variants there is a P Series to match your lifestyle as well as your taste. The attention to detail with everything that is the P-series is top drawer, the headlights resembling that of panther eyes, ready to pounce. The taillights matching this elegance and the grill matching the belt of a championship fighter, this bakkie means business with an aggressive stance that pitches it head on with a market that is fiercely contested especially in the looks area.


When sliding yourself into the cockpit of the beast it’s easy to notice that the interior is so much more than just a bakkie. The plush interior is more like something you would see in a high end model of the Haval SUV range rather than a bakkie, but your eyes haven’t deceived you, Slush-moulding instrument board, leather seats, leather door panels with matching cross pattern themes and steel trim inserts makes the interior feel like a luxury cabin. The space is at a level that is coachlike with room for four to five occupants in safety and comfort.

Powerful & Efficient

The P Series is jam packed with tech, featuring an intelligent driving assist system made up of multi functional Cruise Control, AEB- Automatic Emergency Brake, Lane-keeping assistance, TSR or traffic sign recognition. Even the cockpit and controls of this bakkie are more. More user friendly and more technology through using a 7 inch LCD virtual instrument cluster, intelligent voice control, remote start up, a 9 inch multimedia screen, Android and Apple Car play as well as wireless phone charging and that’s just some of the features within the cabin.

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